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The wiStarter is an evaluation kit for the demonstration of the witech-principle and is only sold to developers for demonstration, not to end customers.

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Product Description

The wiStarter is an evaluation kit and is used for demonstration and developmentsupport of the witech principle. With the wiStarter you can power your devices with up 25W power requirement. The wiStarter has a transmit area of 20 cm x 20 cm and is provided with a coil array of 13 transmit coils. For the detection of a receiver, every single coil of the transmit matrix is switched on for a short time. An overlying receiver will be activated and communicates with the transmitter unit. The energy supply will be hold up as long transmitter and receiver are communicating. Is no receiver on the transmitter, the transmitter changes to Standbymode, where the receiver detection is working, while the power consumption is minimized. With this technology any electrical device can be powered and charged wireless, witech is the socket of the future, complete without cables.

Additional Information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 40 x 25 x 15 cm

0°-40° C (bei Benutzung)


Input 230V
Output 110V
30 W (dauerhaft)
45 W (max. 1 Stunde)


Input 110 V AC
Größe: 32,0cm*20,8cm*3,6cm
Sendefläche: 20cm*20cm
Spulen: 13
Arbeitsfrequenz: 1,695 MHz


Maße: 9,3cm*7,1cm*1,1cm
Leistung: bis zu 25W
Spannungswerte: Output 5-27 V – Einstellbar über Software „wicontrol – Receiver“
Kommunikationsrate: 15,625 kHz


Maße: 3,6cm*1,1cm (2r*H)
Spannung: 12 V

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