The witech principle uses the technique of the electromagnetic induction, by which energy gets transmitted wireless in the nearfield from a transmitter to a receiver. There are already solutions on the market for point-to-point-connections for single devices. With the witech principle instead, different devices can be supplied and whole table surfaces can get covered, whereby the position of a device to be supplied doesn't play a role any more for the energy transmission. With the use of this technology problems with annoying cables and the search for a socket for laptops, tablets, lamps, cellphones and other electronic devices are not longer existent anymore.

Therefor the table areas get supplied with a coil array, which is connected with a transmitter unit, which gets placed invisible under or in surfaces. The coils gets powered shortly one after another in the Burstmode. An overlaying receiver gets activated by the small amount of power and communicates with the energy transmitter. The energy transmitter receives the information data and the energy receiver gets supplied very fast with the necessary power, while the efficency of the energy transmission is optimized.


First Generation

witech transforms your surfaces in smart home wonders!


Electrical devices can get powered wireless from now on, by an integration of our wireless technology in your surfaces.


Smart uses of your devices.
No cables. Big areas.

100% wireless

Our technology makes your surface wireless and by that your products much smarter.

100% more power

With witech you can supply terminal devices with a power consumption of over 40 Watt.

0% electric smog

By an intelligent control the power and data transmission is only on that spot, where the device is lying.

0% visibility

The wiBase has a high material penetration and transmit through thick table tops and work surfaces.

Energie without effort.

Thanks to the wiCases Apple devices can get supplied wireless.*
In the near future, we will, together with the manufacturers, develop solutions for the integration of the witech
technology into the terminal devices.
*Available for: Iphone 6&6S, Ipad Air&Mini, MacBook Air&Pro all sizes, keyboard, mouse

wiMat & wiBase.
Power and data from all sides.

The power and data transmission takes place by a practical and flexible applicable on surface retrofit solution, the wiMat, or the wiBase, a simple to install transmitter unit, which is mounted under your surface.
Both are available in different sizes.